Our Greatest Heroes

There’s only one “Doughboy” left from WWI and his name is Frank W. Buckles.

At a spry 107 years old, he still has his faculties about him, his smile and his pride. He even told me in an interview this past summer on Capitol Hill where he was being honored that he does “a little farming now and then” out in West Virginia.

Buckles, who while as a civilian was imprisoned by the Japanese for over three years during WWII, talked to me about his duty as a soldier and patriot. But what really struck me was something he said to me at the end of the interview…

“I remember my grandfather telling me as a young boy about his grandfather’s stories of fighting in the American Revolution, ” he said.

I was awe-struck by the privilege I had that day of interviewing someone so closely tied to our Nation’s history – and beginnings.

In these challenging times of threats to our economic security and national well-being, I take comfort in the legacy of Frank W. Buckles, those who came before him, and certainly those who will come after him that have made the greatest of sacrifices in preserving our most precious gift: freedom.

And remember the most important two words you can share with every Service Member or Veteran who has served this great nation – today and forever: Thank You.

Happy Veteran’s Day, America!