Five Questions for McCain & Obama Tonight

Hopefully this evening’s presidential debate will shed some light on where the candidates really stand on the issues — namely, the economic crisis and the way forward. Here are five questions I have for the candidates (if I were in the audience at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.)

1. The Economy is stuck. Credit is frozen. Aside from the recent bailout bill that you both voted for, what are you going to do to solve this crisis and ensure it does not happen again?

2. Who will you appoint as your Treasury Secretary and who will you seek advice from as your administration takes on the economic woes ahead?

3. Explain to me specifically how YOU think we got into this crisis and tell me why you think it wasn’t avoided before we got to the “crisis” point?

4. Taxes and Truth. Honestly explain to me your plan to raise or cut taxes – income, corporate, cap gains, estate, AMT… lay it out plain and simple and explain how it helps me as a middle-class father of two young girls?

5. Everyone has someone in their past that they regret associating with at some point in their lives. Tell me someone in your past that you regret befriending and why that association does not reflect your judgement?

Get the popcorn ready. Let’s hope for answers and not boring fluff… the American people deserve more!