Friday FUN: 007 & Dr. Shatterhand!

I discovered by sheer accidental providence (i.e. he walked into my office and told me!) that my good friend and GENIUS editor Stu Basinger is one of the world’s most reknowned 007 fans!

Stu has been a die-hard James Bond fan since he was 3 years old — and while many of us think we are big fans, Stu takes it to an entirely different level — he created a website 10 years ago that documents all things BOND! It’s named after a character in a novel that has yet to made into a film: Dr. Shatterhand!

Fortunately for us amateur fans, Stu’s website is For Your Eyes Only:

So don’t be a Dr. No, be a Dr. Yes, and take your little Goldfinger and click on Dr. Shatterhand…

Your GoldenEye won’t be disappointed! There’s everything you ever wanted to know about Bond, several interviews with past characters from the films including a great one with actor Bob Dix… and you might even emerge with a License to Kill.

After all, You Only Live Twice, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Diamonds are Forever and you might as well Live and Let Die… Need I give you more reasons?!

From Russia with Love, Thanks Stu for a great website!

Also – enjoy the new trailer for the upcoming Quantum of Solace.

(The photo above is of Stu Basinger aka Dr. Shatterhand and actor Robert Dix.)