A couple of stories that you might have missed today in lieu of the dominating Democratic Presidential Nomination news.

Did you know...

THAT the creator of the famous PRINGLES potato chips, Fredric J. Baur of Cincinatti, was SO proud of his invention that he had his ashes BURIED in one of the trademark tubes last month! Baur was 89 years old and a retired chemist... and it's not known what flavor of can was used.

THAT the NEW CLUB DRUG on the scene is the hemorrhoid-fighting PREPARATION-H according to a FOX News story! Apparently the youngsters are lathering themselves all over to get that "ripped" look with their shirts off?!

THAT PETA's latest crusade for critters is turning a century old jail in Skohegan, Maine into a LOBSTER EMPATHY CENTER according to the Bangor Daily News. Makes ya feel kinda guilty about dropping them in that boiling water, now doesn't it?!

OR EVEN THAT a twenty-something Dutchman injured his derriere after a MOONING INCIDENT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG. Turns out the prankster misjudged the strength of the front glass window of a Utrecht restaurant and fell in after pressing his bare buns too firmly against it. Ouch!

And now you know the stories that you MIGHT have missed if it weren't for keen news nose.