Continuing my animal theme... there's THIS for a little Friday FUN!

According to an AP story, Dairy Farmer Kirk Christie near Des Moines believes that "a happy cow is a productive cow" which is why he is giving them: Flat Screen TVs and WATERBEDS!

"Them cows are my girls," says the farmer. (Um... that's a little weird, right?!) "You ask anyone, I probably think more highly of those cows than I do myself."

Farmer Kirk's got 23 girls and the industry experts support his pampering of them, saying that a cow's comfort (when they're lying down and chomping cud) DOES boost the milk production. The increasingly popular idea here at home seems to have originated in Canada and Europe.

Oh yeah, almost forgot the TVs... What do the girls watch?

Oprah and Dr. Phil, what else!