That is the question before the Bush Administration right now following a California Judge's ruling that the Interior Department must decide -- BY MAY 15th -- if the bears deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Some Environmentalists argue that the climate change and melting Ice Caps reduces the Polar Bears natural habitit and thus "threatens" the species.

But others say that we may not know enough of the scientific facts to support this theory of a declining Polar Bear population. There are believed to be about 25,000 Polar Bears in the Artic Circle as best as I can determine.

In January 2007, the US Fish and Wildlife Service asked the Bush Administration to give the bears E.S.A. protection which was what then led to the May 15th deadline.

So being the intrepid reporter that I am - I am going to find out what's really going on here! I have a date with a Polar Bear tomorrow at the Maryland Zoo -- and calls into the Administration.

What do you think?

Do Polar Bears belong on the Endangered Species Act list?

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