Are YOU Connected?

Good Monday Morning Offerings…

A note about “connectivity” and a few quick stories about the wonderful and strange world we live in!

Note: The Dictionary defines “Connectivity” as “the quality or condition of being connected or connective.” But let me tell you what it REALLY means in today’s hi-tech hustle and bustle… It was just before 6:30am this morning and I had just cleared the security line at Reagan National Airport to fly up to NY for a hit on Martha MacCallum’s “Live Desk” today at 1pm when I realized that I LEFT MY BLACKBERRY AT HOME!!

The first wave of anxiety hit like the unexpectedness of a car accident. It was the panicked feeling of that dream where you’ve bizarrely wandered into the world one day without pants on… that kind of panic. (And NO, I didn’t actually look down to see if I had forgotten to wear pants today!)

Then as I collected myself and began to mentally prepare for the worst (unanswered emails until I could make it into the office by 8a in NY), I remembered that there was a time long ago when we actually lived without blackberries, iPhones and yes, folks, even CELL PHONES.

But as much as Henry David Thoreau would have been appalled at my “Personal Episode Meltdown” at the airport, it’s the new brave world – so get “connected” or get left behind!

Happy Monday Stories…

#1 Take Your Baby to Work?!

USA Today cover story today is about a Texas PR firm that ENCOURAGES their employees to bring their newborn babies to WORK! This story perplexes me beyond all pontification… Of all the jobs I have had in my life, taking care of a newborn takes the cake BY A LONG MILE!! So how this new office environment model is anything short of CHAOS is beyond me.

#2 Hunters & Gathers… and Women!

Also from USA Today, an article that highlights the enormous increase in female HUNTERS – especially that of young girls under age 14! This is quite fascinating, as it would sort of challenge the centuries old gender role of young women and “animal harvesters!”

#3 You’re Never TOO Old

A WSJ cover article about Japan’s “Oldie Idol” – Hirosho Hoketsu. Mr. Hoketsu, who competed in the 1964 Equestrian Olympics, will at 67 years old once again compete in Beijing (Hong Kong) this year in the “Dressage” category (aka Horse Ballet.)

Further evidence that you’re never too old to realize your dreams!

(Sorry I can’t link this one – you’ll have to go pick up a copy of the WSJ!)