Happy Valentine’s Day

The origins of Valentine’s Day aren’t fully known, but that didn’t stop Hallmark from capitalizing on a great opportunity to guilt us lucky men folk into spending a few extra bucks on the women we love – and for good measure too – because sometimes we need a little reminder of just how lucky we are to have you!!

The best historical explanation I saw today from Reuters suggested that it probably took its name from a Christian priest named Valentine who was martyred in AD 270 by a Roman Emperor. According to the legend, the priest signed a letter to his jailer’s daughter (his true love), “from your Valentine.”

Today, about 190 million greeting cards will be exchanged and more than 200 million roses will show up somewhere for those lucky ladies.

So as a public service to the “tough guys” out there who claim this day is nothing more than a commercialized holiday… You’re right, pal.

But that doesn’t mean you should be an idiot and forget to do something special for the woman – or women – in your life.

Have a heart. It’s Valentine’s Day!