It’s COLD in Iowa

I am out in Iowa with Greta Van Susteren and it’s cold here. And I don’t mean it’s chilly cold or bbbrrrrrrr cold – it’s FREEZING out here!! In fact, I think the high might have been 1 degree.

But if you have to go on a frozen assignment, going with the Greta Girls (Greta, Meade, Cory and Debbie)is THE way to roll – because they are very cool and downright FUN!!

We started the day roaming a bizarre labrynth of a “Skywalk” system that connects all of downtown Des Moines.

Why the skywalk, you ask? Because if people had to walk outside during the winters here, they’d FREEZE TO DEATH. You startin’ to get what I’m sayin’ here?!

We went to a bowling alley this afternoon to check in with the real folks and had a great time talkin’ caucuses – and bowling! (Greta claims some sort of Bowling Championship Title from years ago – although I haven’t seen her form yet!)

And I’ve talked to a lot of great Iowans who were for the most part – STILL UNDECIDED.

So if you want on the Fun Wagon with us – go to – and watch all the great behind the scenes videos of being on the road with the Greta Girls!