In the age-old query put to kids in school, my daughter (a First-grader this year) was given the simple task of making three wishes.

"I want to rule the world (1) with an endless supply of Starbursts (2) and be rich (3)," she answered at the total surprise of both her teacher and her parents.

This morning, when I asked the same six-year old what she wanted to get her mother for her birthday this weekend, she said nonchalantly, "a new car."

A NEW CAR?! We just got mom a new car a few years ago!

Being the responsible parent fully aware of life's challenges - particularly of the financial order: mortgages, taxes, school, health care - the birthday answer immediately caused me significant angst and pessimism. But as my wife thankfully corrected me, the comment is actually quite funny and should be celebrated as such.

Something happens along the way in the journey of life and we eventually lose our ability to think and dream BIG - not by desire, but by sheer instinct. And as my wife also reminds me, this kid is always making outrageous suggestions for our birthdays or Christmases... because that's what kids do.

We are incredibly lucky to have a typical kid with a great imagination who simply wants to see her sister and her parents happy... and rule the world with an endless supply of Starbursts.

Maybe adults could learn a thing or two from what comes out of the mouths of kids.