What did you think of the debate? Did you watch? Did you like our webcast?

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Here was my ABSOLUTE favorite comment by one of the blogosphere's best - Stephen Green over at www.VodkaPundit.com. Green was drunkblogging for Pajamas Media...

6:49pm First martini down. Going to run upstairs to pour a second one before things get started. Seasoned political pros claim that Steve has already watched too many debates.

6:51pm FNC found some kid wearing a tie in the spin room, and handed him a microphone. He's doing everything but spittakes to seem Daily Show-worthy. Is this what it's come to already?

6:54pm The kid's name is, apparently, "Griff." I'm pretty sure he's a shaved Muppet.

I later contacted Green and thanked him for the compliment - because for a guy in his late 30s with two kids, you have a heightened appreciation for comments like "kid" and "shaved muppet."

(Note: Please DO NOT write me in search of the Fountain of Youth. I am not at liberty to reveal its location.)