I am a football fan. But more than that, I am a dog lover. Thus, I have refrained from commenting on this issue until we knew the full extent of NFL QB Michael Vick's involvement in the dog-fighting case.

But this afternoon we learned that the once-considered best QBs in NFL history, will enter a plea of "Guilty" in the case, accepting "full responsibility" for his actions in charges that included bankrolling a dog-fighting ring on his property as well as the killing of dogs who underperformed.

Good-Bye, Michael Vick. Anyone who would participate in and actively support "barbaric" (Sen. Robert C. Byrd's word) cruelty to animals does not deserve to play football in the NFL. And I would argue that what will likely be a short prison term isn't good enough for him, but it appears that's what is being plea-bargained.

Now the onus falls on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who will decide Vick's future in the sport. Ironically too, it could be the actual act of gambling that brings a lifetime ban rather than the inhumane treatment of the dogs.

Either way, I hope Mr. Goodell will do the right thing here. I am saddened that the most dynamic QB in history - with an impressive 7 seasons of almost 4000 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns - would waste that talent on one of the most reprehensible, illegal sports in America.

But actions have consequences in life and the end result should be a biting one for Vick's career.