Vacation Day Three

Oh the dog days of summer… Wondering where Day Two went? Well, time flies when you’re having fun being a beach bum… and the surf is good!

Today was one of those moments that will be forever remembered. The owners of the house that we are renting have some bikes for our use. And one of those bikes just happens to be a perfect kids bike – without training wheels like the one my daughter has at home.

What better place to learn to ride a bike than at the beach? And while we still have a lot more practicing to do, she seemed thrilled at the feeling of freedom one gets from riding a bike for the first time (although I’ll confess to holding onto the seat chasing behind her most of the time).

A colleague emailed me today wondering why in the world would I blog on my vacation?

The answer: remind everyone how important taking time to do the little things in life that matter most – like learning to ride a bike at the beach.

There was another bike thing today too. I was getting coffee and bagels earlier this morning when a determined, yet older, gentleman rode up to the shop, got off his bike, surveyed the line as being to long and quickly departed again on two wheels… It was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

I wonder when and where he learned to ride a bike?

Oh well, the toddler is waking up soon and it’s time to make the afternoon beach trip. I’ll drink a cold Corona with my toes dug in the sand for all of you.