Political Peace Mom

Has Cindy Sheehan become as much of a burden on Democrats as she is for George W. Bush?

After all, she has folded up tent, sold her land in Crawford, Texas and announced that she intends to move to San Fran to run against Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat in California’s 8th District.

The un-retired Peace Mom-turned-Politician was expected to land in San Fran late today and I am in contact with the growing campaign for the latest horserace details. (Look for more coverage on The Big Story with John Gibson tomorrow)

It occurs to me that at the very least, Sheehan was a constant reminder of the costs of the war in Iraq and likely contributed to the waning polls numbers for President Bush. Now if she is able to actually get her bid underway, she will be a constant reminder to the far left that Pelosi has not delivered on her party’s promise to end the war in Iraq.

What’s Cindy’s campaign theme so far? Impeach Bush and Cheney; Bring the troops home.

Only time will tell if San Franciscans will pay attention.