Tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day. It’s a day that apparently celebrates “girl friendships” everywhere – not a day for boyfriends to celebrate girlfriends. I suppose it’s like a “Sex In the City Day” or “The View day?” So later today… I am going to interview the co-founder of this day’s commemoration, Allie Savarino.

Now, I really wish I had paid attention to girlie movies like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” or “The Notebook,” or watched television shows like “Project Runway,” or occasionally even caught an episode of Oprah. But I haven’t and as a result, I may have trouble understanding what these women talk about on the Internet forum It’s a website that was created to foster friendships between other women to share photos, stories, parenting lessons, fashion tips and recipes.

Bottom line: Dudes don’t have a cause for this sort of celebration. Heck, we really don’t even “chat” or care about the clothes we are wearing. I find it admirable that there’s a designated day to praise womanhood and bonding. And as best as I can tell, us men folk have no such day… unless you consider the Super Bowl as National Guyfriends Day?