0257 Forward Operating Base Sasquatch

We pushed farther into the deep of the woods than previous outings tonight. We are in the same group with Pam, Don and Eric. Along the way on our journey in, Don placed motion sensor cameras at strategic points like the log cabin and the creek. Don also baited the sites with honey, sardines, licorice… and gorilla pheromone.

I don’t know exactly  how one obtains the scent of primate hormones, but I think it’s safe to say we are likely to attract a few bears and drive them out of their minds. Don says honey is like heroin to bears.

Once we were at our destination point, again Pam attempted the howling screams and wood knocking to attract some squatches in the area. Pam even let me try a howl myself… Which is perhaps why we did not encounter a beast tonight.

But a gentleman in one of the other groups had what he described as "an incredible experience." Apparently as his group was driving into their location to camp out for the night, the witness says "something" threw "a shrew that had been bitten in its spine" at their car. When he got out, he saw what he thought was his friend’s silhoutte, but his friend was already up the road at the site. When he looked back where the figure had been, it was gone.

Why that guy is still sleeping in a tent out there tonight is beyond me – but I’ll give him this, that sort of courage shows real determination.

This experience aside, the overall area hasn’t show much will on these squatches part to try to intimidate us and drive us away. Therefore, we may move to a more remote location closer to Lake Superior tomorrow. (I actually know where it is, but I can’t tell you!)

I didn’t wear the helmet cam as it is very involved and requires one to walk alone into the night. But I can’t wait to find out what – if anything – that brave soul saw tomorrow.