1235 Base Camp at Gitche Gumme Campground

As the first “official” day of the expedition begins, several enthusiasts are beginning to show.

A local news crew is here interviewing eyewitness Don from my group last night. They are arranging to go LIVE from this afternoon’s press conference.

The focus of this morning’s meeting was determining what it was that we heard in response to Pam’s first scream/howl. Moneymaker has the recording connected to some high tech audio equipment to get a better listen. On the recording, between Pam’s call and the unidentified sound we heard, my own voice pops up whispering, “I think I hear something moving in the bushes.”

“We got a recording last night, a response to a howl. The recording is interesting, the only four possibilities are coyotes, owls, sasquatches or humans. We don’t think it was an owl or coyote… It sounds too primate-like to be either of those. And we don’t think there were any other humans out there,” Moneymaker said.

One thing has been determined – I’ll be strapping a helmet cam with thermal imaging to my head tonight going back to try to get a better look… at whatever made that noise.