I may not be Leonard Nimoy, but somebody has to try find the big guy… Bigfoot! You may have seen some of my recent appearances on the newschannel, but here is the latest: We ARE going and I am told that we are on a HOT trail.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll depart with my fearless colleague, Andrew Stenner, for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – the “UP” as it’s locally known. And according to the leader of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (www.bfro.net), Matthew Moneymaker, there is a very recent encounter from a doctor in the area who Moneymaker notes, “on the scale of witness credibility, he’s on the high end.”

So I’m spending this gorgeous Sunday trying to figure out what one takes on a Bigfoot Hunting Expedition… I’ve dug my two-man tent out of the attic (at my wife’s total disbelief that I am ACTUALLY going to do this!) and pulling much of my gear kit that I took with me to Fallujah last November.

There are a few odd things too that Moneymaker says are critical to the mission: for example, one MUST bring a wooden bat or axe handle. Fortunately after inquiring, the bat isn’t to fight the beast if it attacks, but rather to communicate with it. Apparently, one of the ways you attract Sasquatches is to bang on trees and logs.

So I’m off to the camping store like a kid headed to summer camp to stock up… and who says adults can’t have fun in the summer?!

And thanks to the genius of Willie Sanchez and the encouragement of my boss, Mike Elder, I should be able to post regular updates here throughout the journey!