Trey Gowdy Podcast

The Trey Gowdy Podcast

Former federal prosecutor and four-term United States Congressman from South Carolina Trey Gowdy brings his one of a kind style to the FOX News Podcasts platform! Every week you'll hear original commentaries and power player interviews. Don't be surprised if his former congressional colleagues stop by from time to time as well.

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This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on the violence that occurred at the Capitol and his hopes to restore unity in the nation.

This week, Trey Gowdy is joined by Republican strategist Karl Rove to discuss the current state of political discourse in America.

This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on New Year’s Eve, new beginnings and the idea of hope on the horizon.

This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on the holiday season and how he plans to celebrate Christmas with his family.

This week, Trey Gowdy is joined by former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer to discuss the state of the modern media.

This week, Trey Gowdy shares stories from his clerkship on a Federal Court in South Carolina with Judge Ross Anderson.

This week, Trey Gowdy answers listeners' questions about what news source people can trust and why someone would run for Congress in the current political climate and more.

This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on celebrating Thanksgiving this year and the importance of expressing gratitude.

This week, Trey Gowdy questions what the demand and expectation for the truth should be.

This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on the results of the 2020 election and how each American is reacting to the news.

This week, Trey Gowdy explains what is on his mind as the country waits for election results.

This week on the BONUS episode of the Trey Gowdy Podcast, Trey encourages listeners to write down what they perceive their rights to be and argues Amy Coney Barrett will not take any of those rights away.