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The Trey Gowdy Podcast

Former federal prosecutor and four-term United States Congressman from South Carolina Trey Gowdy brings his one of a kind style to the FOX News Podcasts platform! Every week you’ll hear original commentaries and power player interviews. Don’t be surprised if his former congressional colleagues stop by from time to time as well.

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On this episode, Trey revisits the design of the U.S. criminal justice system, reveals the best and worst golfers in Congress, discusses whether your allegiance to a Political party should be stronger than your faith, and more.

This week, Trey Gowdy is joined by Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) to discuss how his background as a State and Federal Prosecutor continues to inform his service on Capitol Hill.

Trey discusses how prosecutors evaluate minors who have committed serious crimes, the consequences for 'lying' to congress during hearings, and whether it's possible to tell if a judge is acting without emotion or bias.

On this episode, Trey highlights his new show on the FOX News Channel, Sunday Night In America. He also commends the humility and character of female professional golfers Lexi Thompson and Yuka Saso at The U.S. Women's Open, and reflects on recognizing the pain, progress, and promise of this country.

On this episode, Trey shares his advice on how Conservatives can unify, the pursuit of truth in law enforcement, and the fact that health insurance and shelter are inherent rights and more.

On this episode, Trey remembers those men and women who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty defending the United States.

On this episode, Trey discusses whether politicians in Washington, D.C. are held to the same standard as average Americans, and if the FBI is corrupt. Then he tells one of his favorite golf stories and shares the most binge-worthy British crime dramas.

This week, Trey Gowdy is joined by Dr. Nicole Saphier. Dr. Saphier discusses how the politicization of the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic led her to write Panic Attack: Playing Politics with Science in the Fight Against COVID-19. 

This week, Trey discusses what is happening with the probe by U.S. Attorney John Durham, the debate around voter identification reform, and which golf balls he prefers.

This week, Trey examines the news cycle. He looks at the media's agenda, and whether Americans should care about "the third highest-ranking person in the minority party."

This week, Trey gives his thoughts on meaningful work outside of politics in Washington, D.C., his favorite movie recommendations, and more.

This week, Trey Gowdy reflects on the love, generosity, and care of a mother. He discusses how a mother's love transcends our flaws and our failings and cares for us through our lives.