Getting Schooled

Getting Schooled

FOX News Podcasts are Getting Schooled. FOX Nation host Abby Hornacek takes a closer look at the topics and buzz words you hear your friends and coworkers using to sound intelligent. Each week Abby and her expert guests will tackle topics we take for granted, and help to explain the roots and meanings behind them.

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This week, Abby is joined by Geoffrey Wawro, a Professor of Military History and the Director of the Military History Center at the University of North Texas to discuss Memorial Day.

This week, Abby is joined by FOX Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss what FISA is and what happened last week on Capitol Hill.

This week, Abby is joined by FOX Business Network Correspondent, Kristina Partsinevelos. Kristina and Abby discuss the importance of supply chains and how they are being impacted by COVID-19.

This week, Abby is joined by Dr. Dr. Janette Nesheiwat. Dr. Nesheiwat explains what contract tracing is and how it could help us mitigate COVID-19.

This week, Abby speaks with FOX Business Network Financial Correspondent, Jackie DeAngelis to learn more about the oil market following the market's record breaking price crash in late April.

This week, Abby speaks with Gordon Chang to discuss wet markets, their importance in Chinese culture, and how they have impacted public health.

This week, Abby is joined by former FDA Associate Commissioner, Peter Pitts. Peter breaks down all things related to vaccines, and explains what we can expect from a Coronavirus vaccine.

This week Abby is joined by Astrologer Ophira Edut to learn more about astrology and to get some answers for those who might be zodiac skeptics. Plus, Ophira tells listeners what the stars predict about the Coronavirus pandemic.

This week, FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent, Chad Pergram joins Abby in the classroom to help with her lesson plan on stimulus bills.

This week Abby is joined by Psychologist Dr. Wendy Dickinson to discuss stress amidst these challenging times.

This week Fox on Tech Reporter and Anchor on FOX News Headlines 24/7, Brett Larson joins Abby again in the classroom to help with her lesson plan. Brett explains what 5G is and how it works and more.