Getting Schooled

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Getting Schooled

FOX News Podcasts are Getting Schooled. FOX Nation host Abby Hornacek takes a closer look at the topics and buzz words you hear your friends and coworkers using to sound intelligent. Each week Abby and her expert guests will tackle topics we take for granted, and help to explain the roots and meanings behind them.

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'Tis the season for giving, which also means the season for spending...

This isn't your average therapy session.

It's turkey time!

What's your sign?

We're channeling the spirit realm in this episode!

Sam Bankman-Fried was on cloud 9, CEO of a successful cryptocurrency company and living lavishly in the Caribbean...until December of 2022, when he was arrested in the Bahamas for lying to investors and committing fraud.

The entertainment industry's summer of strikes appears to be extending into the fall…

What do our bodies say that our voices don't?

What's on your mind?

School is back in session!

What do a fashion company, a rapper, and a former president have in common? Well, this week’s lesson answers that question.

You can run, but you can't hide!