Getting Schooled

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Getting Schooled

FOX News Podcasts are Getting Schooled. FOX Nation host Abby Hornacek takes a closer look at the topics and buzz words you hear your friends and coworkers using to sound intelligent. Each week Abby and her expert guests will tackle topics we take for granted, and help to explain the roots and meanings behind them.

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This week, founders of Metal Art of Wisconsin and designers of the FOX Patriot Award, Shane and Justis Henderson.

The editor of the JFK Facts blog and author of the forthcoming Scorpions’ Dance: The President, the Spymaster, and Watergate Jefferson Morley, joins Abby in the classroom

This week, FOX News Investigative Reporter Cristina Corbin joins Abby in the classroom.

This week, retired Navy Captain and the author of Raven One, Kevin Miller joins Abby in the classroom.

This week Abby revisits a conversation with Senior Political Correspondent at Axios and Fox News Radio Political Analyst, Josh Kraushaar.

This week,  Author and Historian, Marilynne Roach joins Abby in the classroom to help explain the Salem Witch Trials.

This week,  Abby revisits a conversation with an American Halloween author whose work has been featured on the History Channel and in National Geographic, Lesley Bannatyne, for a lesson on Halloween.

This week, former National Security Cyber Specialist at the U.S. Department of Justice and Partner at BakerHostetler, Ed McAndrew.

This week, Host of Kennedy on FOX Business and the Kennedy Saves The World podcast, Kennedy joins Abby in the classroom.

This week, the Senior Fellow of Center Tech Innovation, Darrell West joins Abby in the classroom to help explain Artificial Intelligence.

This week, the George W. Donaghey Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Arkansas, Dr. John Kirk joins Abby in the classroom.