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President Biden isn't getting any younger, and the voters are noticing. Republican strategist and Vice President at Targeted Victory Matt Gorman weighs in on the fallout from the latest Special Counsel report.

With Valentine's Day soon approaching, this conversation is all about love and romance.

Shannon is joined by worship leader and author Tasha Layton for a conversation about her career in the music industry, as well as her book, Look What You've Done.

Stories about extreme weather have been popping up a lot more lately, but that doesn't mean the topic can't be fun!

On Tuesday, February 6th, a Michigan jury found 45-year-old Jennifer Crumbley guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter for the school shooting carried out by her son, Ethan Crumbley. WJR Detroit Senior News Analyst Marie Osborne lays out the arguments made in court.

Candy began an affair with Allan Gore, the husband of her friend, Betty, but she was not prepared for the deadly turn that her romantic rendezvous would take. Retired Attorney Robert Udashen was a member of Candy Montgomery's defense team. He reflects on the high-profile trial that ensued.

President Biden secured victory in South Carolina's Democratic Primary this weekend, however, he still faces hurdles in lifting voters' enthusiasm. President of the Sentinel Action Fund Jessica Anderson explains what the challenges say about his chances of re-election.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be tedious, but one company works to tailor things just right.

Time for one last review session!

Shannon is joined by FOX News Foreign Correspondent Trey Yingst for a conversation about the current state of the Israel-Hamas war.

Despite undergoing treatment for brain cancer, Hank Donigan refuses to slow down.

Emily revisits her conversation with retired East Orange Detective Joseph Juliano and Yolanda Silvera to discuss her story of survival following a brutal attack.

On November 3rd, 1994, Susan Smith's car was retrieved from a lake, along with the bodies of her young sons. That day, Susan revealed her story was a lie, and that she was the killer for whom the community searched. Rep. Tommy Pope reflects on his prosecution of the case 30 years later.

After sweeping successes in both Iowa and New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump is moving closer to securing his party's presidential nomination.

Rain or shine, this Groundhog Day fan always makes the trek to Gobbler's Knob to watch Punxsutawney Phil make his prediction.

It's time for a review session about unspoken signals and cues.

Shannon is joined by author, podcast host, and Christian fitness expert Kim Dolan Leto for a conversation about maintaining healthy faith and fitness habits.

Janice is joined by Karen Gamble (Nana), Wayne Gamble (Grandad), and their grandchildren Brooke Courtney and Taylor Gamble for a conversation about their viral family sleepover.