Unmasking The Chief Of Disguise

During her 27 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, Jonna Mendez worked her way up from secretary, all the way to Chief of Disguise. Her creativity, intelligence, and independence propelled her through the ranks, and her proficiency with cameras, photography, and disguise impressed her colleagues. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Jonna paved the way for other strong, intelligent, and talented women in male-dominated fields.

Former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez reflects on her illustrious career and details dangerous, impactful, and hilarious stories from her time with the agency.

In 1993, Jonna Mendez was awarded the CIA’s Intelligence Commendation Medal for her incredible work within the agency. Now an author, speaker, lecturer, and teacher, she details her high-stakes position and the impact and legacy she leaves behind in her new memoir, In True Face: A Woman’s Life in the CIA, Unmasked.

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