Actor and filmmaker Dean Cain joins Fox Across America With guest host Todd Piro to share his reaction to fellow Hollywood star George Clooney penning a guest essay for The New York Times, in which he calls on President Biden to exit the 2024 presidential race.

“When someone like George steps up and writes this letter, you know, George, is a brave guy. He’s not afraid to go against the grain at all. And this is very much going against the grain. I’m sure he’s consulted with plenty of folks about it and people that he knows, but, you know, him doing that, it kind of breaks open the floodgates because he is a darling of the left and a darling, you know, great actor. I like George very much a great guy, so funny. Great guy. So he’s a darling of the left, and he’s a big he’s a big, big. He’s an A-list, you know, 800 pound gorilla. And if he says something, it opens the floodgates for everybody else to go ahead and say it now. It’s okay to say it now. George said it so we can say it and we won’t get canceled.”

Dean also tells Todd about the new Fox Nation special, “Final Take: Alec Baldwin and the Rust Shooting”. To hear what else they discussed, listen to the podcast!