Trump 2024 Campaign Deputy Communications Director Caroline Sunshine joins Fox Across America With guest host Todd Piro to discuss the strong sense of unity in the Republican Party right now, in contrast with the mess Democrats are currently in following President Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

“I can tell you, our campaign, the conversations we’re having just couldn’t be more different from the Democrats and their panic and their disarray. We are so proud to have President Trump as our nominee. He’s unified our party. He’s inspired our ranks. We feel like he is an excellent messenger not only for our party, but he’s helping reach new audiences beyond the Republican Party. We’re talking about which states that are Blue states that we think we could flip, and where’s the next place we can bring President Trump and his exciting message. You contrast that with, it’s not just Joe Biden that it is apparent is unfit to serve, but it’s very clear that the Democrat Party is also unfit to serve. They are spending more time in their chaos and panic than actually doing anything that serves the American people right now. And and for all intents and purposes, I mean, they are the party that is in the white House. And you just watch. Yes, it’s very clear Joe Biden isn’t fit to govern, but it’s also very clear that neither is that party. So like I said, we couldn’t be prouder to have President Trump as our nominee. It doesn’t matter who the Democrats put up. If they keep Joe Biden, if they pick somebody else, nobody can beat President Trump, as we just saw in the latest round of polls. So I truly think the American people watched that debate, as apparently did. And George Clooney and, and I don’t think the American people are worried about four more years of Joe Biden. I think they’re worried about four more months of Joe Biden. And I think the American people really wish that the election was tomorrow and that they could cast their vote for President Trump and get Joe Biden out of the Oval Office immediately, because it’s very clear he’s not fit to serve.”

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