Mommy Influencers in Illinois Must PAY Their Content Kids!

Under a new Illinois law, mommy influencers are mandated to pay their kids for use in social media videos!

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The last five years or so have given rise to so-called “mommy influencers.” 

Those content creators can be best described as social media stage moms and dads who use their kids as props in videos, and make money doing it. 

Well thanks to an amendment to an Illinois child labor law, those parent influencers will now be required to PAY the children who appear on their revenue-earning platforms!

The bill mandates children under the age of 16 should receive 15% of an influencer’s gross earnings if they appear in at least 30% of monetized content online. 

Parent influencers must be responsible for putting the earnings into a trust account.

Even better, the law allows these children to request deletion of content they are featured in and if the adult doesn’t comply, the child can SUE for damages! 

I’m all for this. Don’t exploit your kids for likes and followers! 

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