Lab-Grown Cat Food to Make its way to the USA

So-called environmental experts want you to start feeding your cats lab-grown meat so as to save Mother Earth.

Here we go again! 

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It’s the moment no one has been waiting for, lab-grown meat as cat food is set to hit the US market later this year. 

Meatly, a London-based startup, has created cruelty-free, fake chicken cat food grown from a single fertilized egg. 


The animal rights groups are all for it because no real chickens have to die to cultivate this fake meat in a Petri dish. 

The environmental crowd touts this process as better for the Earth but I guess it never dawned on these “experts” that since God placed felines on Mother Earth, they’ve been eating actual meat and pretty sure it’s not that that causing a climate apocalypse, even by delusional climate cultist estimations. 

But let’s keep in mind these same climate zealot folks also think you should forgo pets in the first place to reduce climate change.

I’ll never eat lab-grown meat and my pets won’t either! 

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