News Editor for and Fox New Contributor Katie Pavlich joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss the change in public opinion on First Lady Jill Biden.

“They find it very cringeworthy. The big thing about the debate last week was that they’ve now broken this big trust with Americans, right? Twice. They were kind of trying to get away with saying all these videos of Biden were cheap fakes.  And that behind the scenes, the reason you guys never see him is because he’s very busy, doing things behind the scenes. He’s running circles around his staff. That was completely debunked on Thursday night when everyone was watching. It was like the emperor has no clothes moment for Joe Biden. Now Jill Biden is doing everything she can to continue to push that narrative that everyone can see is not true. And so usually, politically on the campaign trail, a political spouse is in the arsenal, a very good tool to help the campaign. So they are risking this huge problem where she is not an asset to the campaign. She’s a liability because people are looking at her and say, how is it that you are putting yourself and your selfish ambitions ahead of the health of your husband? Well, she can clearly see is a problem. Not to mention putting the country at risk by refusing to really acknowledge the facts here of who Joe Biden is and whether he’s actually capable of running the country. Like, I know we’ve been joking about this. There’s a lot of things that we can talk about. But, you know, over the weekend they had that warning to all the U.S. troops in Europe, all the bases, that there could be an imminent terrorist attack. And the president’s locked down at Camp David, talking about whether he’s cognitively able to continue this. I mean, it really is a problem.”

Jimmy and Katie also share their thoughts on the Biden family reportedly pointing the finger at the president’s advisers for his rough debate performance against former President Trump. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they talked about!