Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee Lara Trump joins Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to discuss the possibility of the Democrats replacing President Biden at the top of the ticket if he performs poorly at the CNN Presidential Debate on Thursday night.

“Look, we’ve been asking for debates with Joe Biden from the Trump campaign for months because if you recall, there was a question as to whether he would do any debates. And then they came out real hot and they said, not only are we going to do debates, of course, all of the accommodations for Joe Biden necessary, but we want to have the first one in June. And we were like, oh, this is interesting. And to a lot of people, I think a lot of people looked at that and they said, well, this must be the way they’re going to test out the waters. And if he completely bombs and it’s a full disaster, then they can replace him on the ticket because the Democrats have their convention after we have our convention. So maybe they have enough time. I don’t know, but you’re not wrong. The landscape could be totally different. And, look, I think we need to remember they have lowered the bar so much for Joe Biden that if he comes out on stage and makes any sense at all and just basically doesn’t fall off the stage, I mean, they’ve got him practicing standing, my God. I think he’s got to answer for all of his bad policies for the disaster we’ve seen as a country for all the problems people are having. Why is life so much harder for people right now? Why don’t people feel it’s safe? Why haven’t you done anything on the border with your amazing borders czar Kamala Harris? Why do we have wars breaking out instead of peace agreements like you saw with Donald Trump? So that’s the problem is they’ve kind of set it up so that if Joe Biden comes out and is at all coherent, it’s a huge win and applaud him in the mainstream media. And he’s going to be their hero. But he actually has to answer for why this country has gone in the wrong direction, and why so many people across America are desperate to get Donald Trump back. Because really, Joe Biden has been 180 degrees in the opposite direction of anything positive for America.”

Jimmy and Lara also chat about the impartiality of the moderators for Thursday’s CNN Presidential Debate, and the recent change of heart the media has had on President Biden’s recent performance. To hear more, listen to the podcast!