Co-Host of “The Bottom Line” on Fox Business Sean Duffy joins Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to weigh in on the sweepstakes for former President Trump’s running mate, with the reported top three choices for the role being Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

“So I do believe that’s the list, but I would move it a little closer. I do think Rubio is on the list but I think it’s actually between J.D. Vance and Doug Burgum. I’m gonna put my money on Doug Burgum. I’m not saying that’s my choice. I’m saying, what do I think Donald Trump is going to do? I’m going to go with Doug Burgum. By the way, I mean, Marco, I like Marco. Marco’s a little more of a neocon than I am. But he’s a unique cat. I mean he’s got a great story. You know, again, my wife will tell me about the Cubans and the Mexicans, like the Latino community is all divvied up from different parts. But he speaks the language. I mean he’s a guy that can, you know, make a compelling argument to a voting block that has been kind in Trump’s way. I like Marco probably more than the other two, but I think he’s going with Burgum.”

Jimmy and Sean also discuss Biden’s preparation for the CNN Presidential Debate. To hear what else they talked about, listen to the podcast!