Host of the “Kennedy Saves the World” podcast Kennedy joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share her reaction to the White House doubling down on its claim that “cheap fake” videos of President Biden have been circulating online.

“Cheap fakes. That’s  your big excuse. Oh, yeah, they’re just cobbling together footage. It’s unedited. So, you know, they’re cheap fakes. It’s like, well, used to be. If footage was edited, then you could say, oh, that’s a fake. But you’re looking at footage from an international press pool where you’ve got multiple cameras in the exact same position, getting the exact same thing over the exact same amount of time, disseminated by thousands of news organizations. How can you possibly claim that’s fake? You may think it’s cheap because it makes your candidate look bad. And to you, you want it to be like the FDR White House press corps where we didn’t know he was in a wheelchair. And I said that I’m old enough, I voted for FDR the second and third time he ran for president. But this is not that era. And they’re so 90s. They’re so old school. It’s so stupidly propagandist like, it’s so clumsily, ham handedly propaganda that it’s like, please stop insulting our intelligence. It makes voters who are sitting on the sidelines, it makes them mad, it makes them go, you’re calling me stupid?”

Jimmy and Kennedy also discuss First Lady Jill Biden’s shameless desire to stay in the White House for another four years. To hear what else they talked about, listen to the podcast!