Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his reaction to former President Obama leading President Biden off stage during a ritzy Hollywood fundraiser over the weekend.

“Listen, first of all, the only person I’ve ever grabbed their hand, wrist and walked off with them with my hand in their back is my wife. I’ve never done that with anybody else ever in my life. Maybe a child. Because you’re trying to get a child somewhere and you’re not listening. So either Joe Biden is a juvenile or he is what we think he is. He is, an elderly man who gets lost. Well, it’s not just me that thinks that, Robert. Hur thought that as well as well. That’s why they didn’t prosecute him.”

Rep. Donalds also responds to reportedly being one of the names under consideration to be former President Trump’s running mate in the 2024 presidential election.

“The only insane part is that you just kind of, like you see the list on TV and you get asked the questions and you’re like, wow. But it’s really when you like going in rooms with people, and people walk up to you and they’re like, I want you to be vice president. And that’s when it gets surreal. But, you know, when you take it. I was asked today on MSNBC like, well, would I be ready on day one? Well, I’ll tell you this, I’d be better than either one of the two that got the job right now. Joe Biden, are you kidding me? I’m way better than him, and I’m way better than Kamala Harris. I know that today. So, I’ll be just fine, if that’s what President Trump does.”

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