Former U.S. Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on the pressing national security ramifications of the lack of security at the U.S. southern border right now.

“I mean, we saw the 13-year old, you know, what happened in New York City, the nursing student in Georgia that was killed, the mother of five that was killed. You know, Trey Gowdy actually pointed this out on Bret Baier’s show last night about how illegal immigration and the crime story are really coming together now that you’ve had years of this illegal immigration and shocker, not everybody was a good person that decided to come into this country illegally. In fact, many criminals from other countries were doing so. So you worry about the criminal aspect. I very much worry. You know, I think we’re lucky that we haven’t had another 9/11 style attack because of people coming over the border. We’re certainly, again, being warned by our intelligence officials about it. So the question is, what do you do? Listen, I think if President Trump is elected, not only is he going to have to seriously, like, not what this administration is doing, but he’s going to have to seriously go about going back to shut this border down. And then we have to look at what do we do internally, how do we find these people, you know, and how do we get rid of them? I mean, we have to get rid of them. At a minimum, maybe something we could all agree on is the criminals that left jail cells in Venezuela, you know, those guys should be deported.”

Jimmy and Morgan also talk about the White House’s desperate attempts to spin recent videos of President Biden looking frail. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they discussed!