Co-host of “Outnumbered” Emily Compagno joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about this week’s special episodes of “The Fox True Crime Podcast”, titled, The Crimes Of O.J. Simpson.

“We have a huge group of episodes that were dedicated specifically to the O.J. trial, given this was the 30th anniversary this week. So a lot of really incredible guests who were there, who were there every day, who lived it in the courtroom. They were the celebrity household names at the time, including Kato Kaelin, Judge Jeanine, Greg Jarrett, Michelle Tafoya. The list goes on. So the deep dive is really interesting. And I think it illustrates to your point about holding attention that that everyone says it’s the first sort of reality TV star, reality TV scenario. But back then we had longer attention spans. So I think it became the impetus for the entire entertainment and social existence of us right now. That is sort of ephemeral in nature. And at that time, man, we were riveted. We were riveted all night long during the chase. And then we were riveted every day for that trial for months. And I just hope that the taste left in our mouths today, in 2024, is that two people were brutally murdered and that domestic violence has to stop.”

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