GUY BENSON SHOW: Guy Reacts to the Hunter Biden Verdict (feat. Jake Gibson and Kim Strassel)

Today on the Guy Benson Show, Guy opened the show with a reaction to the Hunter Biden felony conviction, where Hunter Biden was convicted on charges related to an incident where he lied on an ATF form. Hunter Biden was convicted on all three counts by the jury in Delaware. Benson was also joined on the show by Jake Gibson, Fox News Department of Justice and Federal Law Enforcement Producer, where Jake explained some of the charges, the individuals who testified on the stand, the jurors, Hunter Biden’s future cases, and other vital details about the trial. Guy also spoke to Kim Strassel, Potomac Watch columnist for Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, Fox News Contributor and author of The Biden Malaise: How America Bounces Back from Joe Biden’s Dismal Repeat of the Jimmy Carter Year, and she offered her input on the verdict and other future trials regarding Hunter Biden. Listen to the full interview and analysis from both experts below!

Listen to Guy’s reaction with Jake Gibson below:

Listen to Guy’s reaction with Kim Strassel below:

Watch the full live reaction with Gibson below: