Nearly $1 BILLION to be WASTED on Green School Buses

You might not be able to afford rent and groceries but the Biden Admin is spending your tax dollars on the highest priority…electric school buses.

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Government waste and tax dollar abuse is nothing new in DC but under the Biden/Harris administration, it has never been more apparent. 

Here’s another one for you. 

The Biden Administration has committed $900 MILLION dollars in federal grants to help school districts move to electric school buses. 

This nearly 1 BILLION of YOUR TAX DOLLARS will go to help 530 school districts “decarbonize” their bus fleets.

This is all coming, mind you, as youth literacy rates are tanking. 

In fact, based on national testing results, we know that 2/3 of 4th grade students are UNABLE to read proficiently. 

This is all such a waste and such a joke.

The American education system is going down the tubes and your president and vice president are more concerned with funding green school buses on YOUR DIME!


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