Christopher Rufo spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Columbia University spending hundreds of millions pushing DEI ideology, which he calls anti-Semitic and anti-American. Rufo says this has been a problem 20 years in the making as Columbia has hired radicals and have been accepting money from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf non-democratic states. Rufo sees a silver lining after all the pro-Hamas anti-Semitic protests on college campuses. Rufo points to recent polls showing the protestors have around a 6% favorability rating in the United States and it is now up to political leaders in the country to take advantage of this opportunity to cut public funding to private institutions that allow these protests on their campuses. Rufo also spoke about Donald Trump telling Fox & Friends Weekend he would like to get rid of the Department of Education. When asked if that is possible, Rufo said after decades of promises by republicans to do that, “Trump is one of the only people who is bold enough, who is courageous enough, who is, frankly, crazy enough to do something like that and actually make it a reality.”