New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the left being disappointed that he is supporting Donald Trump after Niki Haley dropped out of the race. Sununu pointed to his comments from the very beginning that he would support the republican nominee and wants a republican administration because liberals are destroying the country. Sununu loved hearing Katie Couric saying Trump is surprisingly gaining momentum despite being on trial. Sununu believes Couric and the left got exactly what they wanted by demonizing Trump by going after him every day. Sununu thinks there is no doubt they created the situation with Trump gaining momentum. Sununu says the reason they can’t understand this is that would mean they have to accept responsibility. According to Sununu, the American people are tired of different rules based on the political party or political agenda. Sununu said voters are not losing sleep over the trial and are more worried about everyday issues such as paying bills, feeding their families, inflation, and the border. Sununu says these are reasons why Trump is resonating in places like New Hampshire, where no Republican president has won since 2000 and how the polls are showing Trump can win in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. Sununu also spoke about the Northern border breaking records with illegal crossings and how more people on the terror watch list are crossing the Northern border from Canada.