CA Bans Plastic Bags, Again

California lawmakers are setting their sites on something very important to THEM, banning reusable plastic bags. 

I’m Tomi Lahren, 

California is full of crime, homelessness, and policies that are bankrupting every day folks. 

But state lawmakers aren’t gonna tackle any of that. Rather, they’re moving to ban more everyday items in the name of climate change. 

This time they are going after REUSABLE plastic bags. 

This week lawmakers in the state senate and assembly approved 2 bills to restrict grocery stores from offering thicker, “reusable” bags made out of plastic film to customers. 

This move comes after their ban on SINGLE-USE plastic bags failed to reduce pollution and save Mother Earth. 

In fact, by their own admission, after that single-use ban went into effect, plastic bag waste INCREASED DRAMATICALLY.

So instead of reevaluating failed policy, lawmakers are just moving to ban more things. 

Makes sense, in California only!!!

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