“DEADLY FORCE” On the Table for Mar-a-Lago RAID?!

The FBI agents who raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago were permitted to use “deadly force when necessary.”
This is wild, even by deep state standards. 
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The true downfall of democracy began in 2022 when Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI.
But it gets even worse.
According to newly unsealed court documents, FBI agents were permitted to use “deadly force when necessary.”
A reminder the raid itself was signed off on by Biden’s AG, Merrick Garland. 
If the DOJ was going in looking for classified documents and government records, why the HECK would “deadly force” be on the table! 
This is beyond unsettling that Biden’s DOJ would have the leeway to use DEADLY FORCE on a FORMER PRESIDENT!
There’s more, agents carrying out the raid were instructed to wear unmarked polo or collared shirts and planned to bring “standard issue weapons, ammo, handcuffs and medium and large sized bolt cutters.”
When Americans express concern about the “deep state” THIS is what we are referring to! 
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