Lara Trump, Republican National Committee Co-Chair, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Nikki Haley saying she will be voting for Donald Trump and how it would be smart for him to reach out to the millions who voted for her. Lara said, “I think she’s right. I think we need to bring everybody in.” When asked if the Trump campaign will reach out to Haley, Lara responded it was a nice olive branch Haley extended and happy to have that support. Lara added, “We are open to working alongside anyone who has the same goals of saving this country and she is no exception, and her team is no exception.” Lara also discussed Donald Trump’s rally tonight in the Bronx, NY and the pushback from Bronx Democrat Congressman Ritchie Torres, who said Trump’s presidency was a catastrophe for the Bronx. Lara said Trump is looking to engage with people and asked, “Why isn’t Joe Biden in the Bronx today? It’s because he cannot actually go look in the face of people across this country and say, I tried to do the best thing for your life.”