Swing State Voters Are Bucking Bidenomics

Election Day is getting closer, and former President Donald Trump is leading the polls in key swing states. The former President returns to court in Manhattan today for Day 17 of the hush-money trial. However, the legal woes aren’t slowing his momentum. President Joe Biden continues to tout its economic achievements, yet many Americans still struggle to make ends meet. In the few short months leading up to November, Professor at the University of Texas, co-director of the FOX News Poll, and member of the FOX News Decision Desk, Daron Shaw, says that both campaigns need to convince voters to side with them, despite many who are hesitant of their previous performances. He joins the Rundown to explain why the Biden campaign is losing Black voters and why Trump’s legal troubles aren’t hurting his base.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have made millions of dollars off the border crisis, and a new report from The Free Press detailed just how much money was being spent and how. They found three of the top NGOs spend taxpayer money at the border on pet therapy, horticulture therapy, and even contracting a music therapist who was paid more than half a million dollars in 2022. Meanwhile, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which’s been tasked with finding safe sponsors for unaccompanied minors, has been scrutinized for their vetting process that has placed some minors with human traffickers. A former senior law enforcement advisor at the Department of Homeland Security, Charles Marino, joins to explain how a lack of oversight for NGOs border spending is going to cause “astronomical” fraud, waste, and abuse.

Plus, commentary from former acting DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf.

Photo Credit: AP