Will Michael Cohen’s Testimony Have Any Credibility?

Some House Republicans are preparing articles of impeachment against President Biden. They accuse the President of a “quid pro quo” by leveraging American dollars against the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza. Plus, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is expected to testify in the former President’s trial, as critics attack Cohen’s credibility. For a conversation on this and more, House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) joins Mike Emanuel on the FOX News Rundown.Although it violates the terms of service on nearly every social media platform, an increasing number of teenagers are posting videos of violent crimes for likes and shares. In Nevada, two teenagers are facing murder charges for swerving their car into a bicyclist last August and sharing the ordeal on social media. Unfortunately, some teenagers are luring vulnerable peers into scary situations, like 15-year-old Aydin Pedone, who was coaxed into meeting a group of teens in the park last summer, where they filmed him getting punched in the face. Attorney at Levin Papantonio Rafferty in Florida, Emmie J. Paulos, joins to discuss why these cases are so common amongst teens and why social media platforms aren’t eager to stop them.Plus, Commentary from Outkick Host Tomi Lahren.