Relearning To Live: Mike Honeyman’s Story

What if you or someone you love was told they only had a 1% chance of survival?


In July of 2018, Mike Honeyman was in a severe car accident that left him clinging to life with doctors giving him a 1% chance of coming out alive. His injuries, namely a critical traumatic brain injury, left him in a coma for weeks. Mike woke up to a new reality, he could no longer walk, talk, or even swallow. Although Mike’s medical team was transparent about his injuries and that he may never be able to do everyday tasks again, Mike and his wife Robyn Gust refused to take that as an answer.


Mike and Robyn join Benjamin to discuss the journey they’ve both been on since that day in 2018 and the power that giving just 1% more every day can have when battling through a hardship – mental or physical.

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