Sen. Dan Sullivan: Biden’s Weapon Withholding Is “Disgraceful… the Commander in Chief Is Basically Negotiating With Terrorists”

Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), Chair of the International Republican Institute (IRI) and Retired Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss a bevy of topics. First, Sullivan called Biden’s actions “disgraceful” in withholding aid from Israel if they continue their operations in Rafah. Sullivan and Benson then discussed some of the harmful energy policies being implemented by Biden and the Biden’s apparent targeting of Alaska for many of these policies. Listen to the full interview below.

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Sen. Dan Sullivan had this to say on Biden’s latest stance on aid to Israel:

“He’s doing it for politics. He’s doing it for the vote in Michigan. He’s doing it for the far-left radicals… Disgraceful. And to be honest, something that I never thought we would ever see in America. The Commander in Chief is basically negotiating for the terrorists.”