Kerri Kupec Urbahn: Trump Prosecution Team’s Political Connections Are “Unheard Of”

Kerri Kupec Urbahn, Fox News Legal Editor, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest from Trump’s legal troubles in New York City. As Trump’s other trials continue to be delayed, many eyes are opening to the ongoing bias within Trump’s hush money case in New York. Benson and Urbahn discuss the concerning political ties to the case as Stormy Daniels continues her testimony, and you can listen to the full interview below!

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Kupec Urbahn had this to say on the political nature of the prosecutor in Trump’s NY case:

“It is unheard of. It would be like the president of Fox News deciding to leave that spot and go work for CNN as a producer. Like, it makes no sense, but it does make sense if you really believe in this case and it’s personal to you.”