Anti-Israel Protests Shine A Light On Political Division

In the past weeks anti-Israeli demonstrations across college campuses have spread, leading to calls for campus administrators to take action against what some are calling blatant hate speech. Campus leaders are now walking a fine line, between what is covered by the first amendment, and what speech is violating school policy. Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks joins the Rundown to discuss what is causing division between students on campuses, what can be done to promote and protect diverse ideas in colleges, and why he is hopeful that America can move forward with its founding principles.

There is an international race for control of the Arctic Circle. The frozen region far north of the United States is believed to have vast amounts of natural resources including oil and rare minerals. This is why the U.S. and some of its foes including China and Russia are trying to get the upper hand in that frozen part of the world. Bill Hemmer, the co-anchor of America’s Newsroom and the host of FOX Nation’s “Battle For The Arctic”, joins the Rundown to discuss why that Arctic Circle is so valuable, how it has already created tension, and what he witnessed when he traveled there recently.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Tammy Bruce.

(Image Via AP)