The Faces Behind The Viral Sensation

Have you heard of the Scarlotta Twins? After Jason’s interview with the viral brothers, JoJo and Nicky Scarlotta, you’ll get to know a little more about them. JoJo and Nicky detail how they discovered their shared passion for creating content and how they cultivated such a large social media presence. Plus, they provide insight on how to make a living off TikTok while remaining cognizant of how social media differs from real life.

Jason emphasizes his frustration with the Biden Administration’s handling of the evolving war in the Middle East and the United States’ relationship with known allies. He also highlights why he believes President Biden’s stance on foreign conflicts is reminiscent of President Obama’s policies.

Bringing On The Stupid: As a resident of the Intermountain West, Jason loves partaking in the immense beauty of the nature around him. So, of course, he had to highlight the stupidity of two men who were caught on camera vandalizing rock formations at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

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