From Washington: Will Students Get Relief Amid FAFSA Fiasco

President Biden unveiled his latest attempt to cancel student loans during a visit to Wisconsin on Monday to energize young voters. The announcement comes as millions of high school seniors across the country await loan offers due to technical glitches with the new FAFSA program. Federal Student Aid and College Expert Mark Kantrowitz testified at this week’s Congressional hearing on FAFSA issues. He explains why the complications behind this year’s FAFSA process and discusses the end goal for federal student loan applications. Later, he reacts to President Biden’s plan for student loan forgiveness.

Taxes are becoming a key campaign issue as Trump-era cuts from 2017 are set to expire at the end of next year. The former president promises to extend them if elected for a second term, yet President Joe Biden promises a new, improved plan to make the ultra-wealthy “pay their fair share” if he returns to the White House in 2025. Biden claims Trump’s tax cuts contributed to the nation’s crippling debt, however, if they do expire the middle class will be hit the hardest – the demographic the Biden campaign aims to help the most. Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and Economic Advisor to Former President Trump Judy Shelton joins to break down how an expiration will impact the American people.