Extra: A Look Back At The OJ Trial With Ron Goldman’s Sister, Kim

As the world continues to react to the death of OJ Simpson, we look back at the life of one of the people he was accused of murdering – Ron Goldman.

Nearly five years ago, on the 25th anniversary of the infamous white Bronco chase, host Dave Anthony spoke with Kim Goldman, Ron’s sister.

Kim discussed her brother, why she always felt OJ Simpson murdered him, and how she thought about the media coverage at the time.

y she feels the jury failed to do their job when deliberating during the criminal trial, and why she’s upset that the legal system allowed OJ to not pay the $33.5 million judgment handed out after the civil trial.

 On the FOX News Rundown extra, we will revisit our interview with Kim Goldman from June 17th, 2019. You’ll hear about Ron Goldman and her firsthand account of the trial and its publicity.

Photo Credit: Associated Press